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16 Oct 2014

Consider This When Choosing A Bread Machine

homemade bread

Breads come in all shapes and sizes so you have to keep that in mind when you want to go out and buy a bread machine. It is a good thing I read tons of the bread machine reviews 2016 so I know what to look for in a bread machine. It won’t be a good idea to just go to the mall and buy whatever bread machine you see. Remember, you must be careful of the size of the bread you produce since the bread that comes out of a bread machine would only last a couple of days. I felt what it was like to be a victim of accidental food poisoning and it was not pretty. In fact, I could not stop going to the comfort room because my tummy was aching all the time. What I did was think about how much food each family member would eat. I realized a 2 pound loaf is good enough since we are just 4 in the family with my wife and our two daughters. I think I am the only one who eats a lot considering their appetites.

The breads come in all shapes and sizes as they can come in squares, rectangular, or even circular. I figured the square one would be good for us and I will remember to buy peanut butter and jelly so the bread will taste good. I remember trying to eat the bread with nothing in it, I mean just plain bread and it did not really taste good even if I toasted it. Of course, the best way to eat it is with cheese. I prefer to have my bread horizontally long and then put some raisins in it too (here’s my favorite recipe.) I know the kids would agree with me on that as we all love breads.

18 Apr 2016

Affordable and best espresso makers for home

I am a strong coffee lover and particularly i love the flavor and the taste of espresso. I used to my daily cup of espresso from the nearby coffee shop and was wondering if i would be able to prepare my own espresso in my home. Then i did the most easiest thing people would do, search google for the best and affordable espresso maker which would fit within my budget. I was amazed by the variety of options that was shown. I personally would like to share a few of them which i felt are the best in the market.

My favorite would be the Cafe Barista espresso maker.It is a compact, light weight easy to use espresso which will suit in most of the kitchen. This espresso maker allows you to chose between espresso or cappuccino or latte. Also this machine allows you to control the froth level according to your wish. The most important thing is that it is very easy to clean this espresso maker. And last but not the least this espresso maker is very much affordable and it is available in Amazon.

My second best option would be the Nespresso espresso machine. This espresso maker is slightly heavier than the one I mentioned above, but it is sleek and trendy. It can make a strong and creamy espresso within 30 seconds. Hence i would personally recommend this espresso maker for people who really don’t want to wait a longer time to taste their morning creamy espresso.The cleaning part is also very easy and it is more user friendly. This espresso maker is a little more expensive when compared to the above mentioned one. This can also be bought from Amazon.

Friends I hope that whatever information I have shared with you will be useful to chose your espresso maker that best suits your home.

Enjoy your espresso…..

04 Apr 2016

Selecting the best stainless steel cookware is a ladies problem

best stainless steel cookware sets

Men never seem to bother about the material of cookware but we women think twice before buying anything, especially our cookware. Now that my second daughter’s wedding date has been finalized, I am a bit stressed out. I want her to select whatever she needs for her home. But as her mother, I feel I should share some tips. I told her the pros and cons of all types of cookware. She has gone for shopping with her friends and I can only hope that she returns with the best cookware because she would have to live with them each day for at least a decade.

In contrast, I received a nice set of stainless steel cookware from my great aunt as my wedding gift, and it has lasted almost 30 years. It is not that I did not buy anything else in all these years. However, I have been disillusioned with most of the modern cooking pots and pans. This is the reason I stick to the known devil, i.e., stainless steel cookware.

I told my daughter that she may be using induction stove and oven, so she would need cookware that would be suitable for such cooking. She should also look for pots that have handles that are not likely to give way after sometime. The base should also be preferably thicker than the rest of the pot to prevent anything getting burnt. She knows my aversion towards non-stick cooking pots and pans. She is also aware that I rarely use microwave because I have some fears about the plastic containers. But she is young and these containers do have attractive shapes and colors. She might just be tempted to spend something on them.

I am, however, hoping that she will return with stainless steel cookware, which according to me is indeed good cookware sets to buy. We do use cast iron pot, but that is essentially to cook food for the dogs. I don’t think she will consider that as an option at all, because the pot is simply too heavy for her. I am afraid that the salesman will influence her and she will end up with steel of lower gauge or something that has copper in it. That can be a big mistake. I did repeatedly warn her not to opt for lower gauge steel. If she needs lighter vessels, she should considered anodized aluminum vessels. These resemble non-stick vessels and look attractive in kitchen as well. I wish she had spent some time with me in the kitchen to learn a thing or two about cooking and cookware. I am just a bundle of nerves right now.

15 Jan 2016

Kitchen Knives As Gifts

My nieces are getting married on the 18th of this month. They are identical twins, and planned to get married on the same day. While the double family celebration is just what we needed to get together, it has put me a quandary. Under normal circumstances, I would have spent about $150 to $200 for each of them. But now, I have to confine myself to $100 for each of them. That does not leave me with much choice, does it? It is customary in our family to ask what the would-be bride wants at her wedding. The twins asked me to buy them knives. Now, I am searching for best knife set under $100 for each of them.
kitchen knife
I noticed that I do not have much choice in this. I can only hope that the set I am about to order turns out to be good. Nowadays, food processors take on many of the slicing and chopping jobs. To that extent, I am confident that the knives set that I intend to gift will be spared the humiliation. But I know how troublesome washing the work bowl of food processor can be, when chopping multiple vegetables, and that happens regularly. This is the reason, I still continue with my age old knives set.

The sets I am ordering will cost me about $90 each, and they include steak knives, peelers, parers, and slicers, apart from a sharpening steel. The reason this set is more appealing is because the set of 17 pieces is housed in a nicely designed compact wooden block. My nieces would not have to search for knives every morning. Since I still have $10 to spare, I am planning to include chopping board too. Chopping boards are available at cheaper rate and will fit my budget perfectly. I, however, wish, I could have bought them something better. For know, I have little choice but to settle for this set of knives, and hope that they are appreciated.

26 Nov 2015

Healthy rice cooking in a stainless steel cooker

Rice is one of the most common delicacy. It’s wide acceptance is partly due to the easy preparation process. It is a rich source of nutrition too. Its contains carbohydrates which provide you with the energy to fuel your day and minerals which help in vital body functions such as enzyme activation.
It is essential to practise healthy preparation and cooking methods in order to reap this benefits in whole. The most common recipe for rice preparation is boiling it in water and adding salt to taste. Over the years, the use of aluminum cooking attire has become commonplace in most settings. However, its hazards and health risks are just emerging. This knowledge has pioneered the shift to steel utensils to avoid harmful effects caused by aluminum.

After I read through the best rice cooker reviews, it seems like the stainless steel rice cooker have all the advantages of using steel over other types of kitchenware. They neither rust nor react with the food being cooked owing to the inert nature of steel. These cookers are shiny and non-stick in nature. This makes them ideal to cleaning. They are easy to wipe and they hardly get stains. Also, stainless steel has excellent thermal properties. It conducts heat efficiently, and retains that heat long after the heat source is removed keeping it at a desirable temperature for longer. This explains why the stainless steel rice cooker is my favorite choice for cooking rice.

Since my first encounter with the stainless steel rice cooker, rice cooking has never been more convenient! These cookers have a knob for adjusting the temperature of the element and the cooking duration. This allows for a stress-free rice cooking experience. The rice boils down at very controlled conditions hence allowing you to achieve desirable tastes and flavors.

Definitely the stainless steel rice cooker is an item to lust over due to its numerous benefits on terms of health and convenience. It surely makes your rice tasty and healthy.

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25 Nov 2015

How to Make the Hallway More Eye-Appealing

If you are always fantasizing about a sensational corridor, then you need a hallway makeover. The process might seem complicated, but the right choice of colors and house pieces (accessories) produces an amazing hallway. Below are some stunning ideas that you should tryout.

Hallways are commonly long, narrow and straight that means you do not have to change everything to achieve an amazing look. If you are not good with interior house decor, it is advisable to start with a collection of new photo frames. Your frame options depend on the color-theme of your home, popular frame colors are black, blue or even golden. The frames can be the same size or shape, but there is not beauty damage with thinking out of the box.

A hallway makeover is not complete if the floor is not transformed to something attractive. There are a couple of changes that can do your hallway justice. For example, you can purchase a good floor carpet that complements the size and shape of your hallway. Alternatively, you can go for new floor tiles with nice patterns.
Transforming the hallway can also be simple matter of changing the lighting system. Remember, lights can greatly improve your corridor especially at night. The best thing with lighting is that there are very many very many bulb and light hung designs that you cannot even come close to exhaust. However, you should avoid the mistake of fitting a long light hung flex if your ceiling is not high.

Finally, you can add furniture accessories like a stand, chair or a small table. If you go for the stand or table, you can also add a flower vessel, vintage art, seashells or a light stand. Just make sure there is a match in everything you place in your hallway. Good luck!

26 May 2015

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